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"... I wish I knew that regardless what is happening or has happened I have the power

to be be just me:

In peace,

in flow,

and that my smile

is always

the genuine essence

of the child within me and you ."


Positive Intelligence coaching

What is positive intelligence?


Positive Intelligence is all about embracing life's challenges with a positive mindset, rather than getting weighed down by negativity. The 7-week  PQ program is designed to help you develop this mindset and build powerful mind habits .


By the end of the 7 weeks training, you will have developed a new way of thinking and feeling in response to life's challenges. You'll be equipped to approach them with positivity, confidence, and reduced stress.

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3 in English and one in Arabic

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More Clients testimonials from our 6 weeks coaching journey:

"A life-changing journey, the PQ program with Shirine helped me discover and re-connect with my true self. It enabled me to better understand my feelings and control my emotions. Very simple but extremely effective techniques that I have immediately applied in my personal and professional life. It works amazingly, and made a huge difference." Micheline, CEO

"I finished your Positive Intelligence course with improvement to my mental fitness..going from stress, anxiety, noticing the saboteurs who are affecting my life, to keeping positive mindset and reducing self sabotage." Wadad

"With the PQ programme delivered by Shirine I discovered my own saboteurs and learned how to reduce their effect on my mind and personality. It is a huge learning and an eye opener that is new and unlike any of the coaching materials I have seen " Iman

"I deeply value the time we've spent together and the progress I had mentally and emotionally. I started this course with different mentality, I was angry and upset of my work but within this 6 weeks I started seeing things differently and I became more calmer and understanding." Afra


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